How it Works

100% Risk Free

Fully secure open source smart contract uploaded on the Tron blockchain, which is fully decentralized.

World Wide Availability

Anyone can join with internet Access

P2P Payments

All payments are sent instantly from person to person without the involvement of any human being.

Non-Changeable Data

TronAdz is a smart contract on the Tron blockchain which will exist as long as the Tron network exists.

Passive Income

TronAdz smart contract is the best solution for people who want to earn money in a passive way. Just put your money in the smart contract and earn up to 360% profit.

No seizure of funds by institutions/governments

A smart contract is fully decentralized and can not be controlled by any authority. It works from person to person. No one can seize the funds or forcefully shut it down.

Send & Receive Payments Anonymously

Blockchain technology is the best technology that has been invented in the era of the digital world. People can receive payments anonymously by just putting in their wallet address.

No Hacking or stealing

It is impossible to hack or change the data because of decentralization. There is no one who can change the parameters of the project. Funds are stored in a smart contract. It will continue to pay according to its parameters whether the website remains live or not.

The main advantage of blockchain technology is supposed to be that it's more secure, but new technologies are generally hard for people to trust, and this paradox can't really be avoided.

All Participants

New today

Total Deposits TRX

Compensation Plan

Data is stored on a public blockchain which you can access by visiting

Passive Income


Daily Profits : 1% + 0.20%=1.20%

Minimum to start : 100 TRX

Period : 300 Days

Earning Potential : 360%

Commission Based Income

Level 1 - 30%

Level 2 - 20%

Level 3 - 15%

Level 4 - 10%

Level 5 - 10%

Level 6 - 8%

Level 7 - 8%

Level 8 - 8%

Level 9 - 8%

Level 10 - 8%

Level 11 - 5%

Up to Level 15 - 5%

Daily Top Sponsor Rewards

Daily top referrer pool - 5% of all deposits goes to the daily pool.

Pool activates when reaches 10000 TRX,

10% of the pool is shared among the top 5 sponsors, 90% rolls over to the next day to increase the pool.

Distribution of the 10%

1st - 30%

2nd - 25%

3rd - 20%

4th - 15%

5th - 10%

These percentages are based on the daily earnings of your referral and will be paid daily accordingly.

Join Now With Just 100 TRX

External Revenue for Smart Contract Reserve

TronAdz is the only project which does not depend on the new deposit.We have integrated effective advertisement services.All the revenues from those services will directly go to Smart contract and increase its reserve.We offer Login Ads,Banner Ads & Surfing Pool to advertise your products to the effective audience.


TronAdz is a decentralized smart contract that allows its users to generate passive income. You can simply put your funds in a smart contract that pays you upto 1.20% daily. You are not required to refer people in order to earn. If you refer more, it rewards you more.

The good thing about this project is it is not operated by any human being. Smart contract code has been uploaded to Tron blockchain with set parameters. It will work with those parameters without the interference on any person.

A smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code. They run on the blockchain, so they are stored on a public database and cannot be changed. The transactions that happen in a smart contract are processed by the blockchain, which means they can be sent automatically without a third party.

The system works with Tron. You can deposit funds in Tron and they instantly are sent to the smart contract. You will receive payouts only in Tron as the smart contract only works with Tron.

All you need is a smartphone or a computer with internet access and a Tron wallet/TronLink.

Minimum amount is as low as 100 TRX.

TronAdz is an advertisement-based smart contract that gains profits by selling login banner and traffic exchange credits. Remember, a smart contract does not rely on any admin. We combined our system with advertisement so it will work more sustainably. All the funds received by selling advertisement go directly to the smart contract.

It is a system in which there are no admins, there is no single server or system monitoring or project management. The creators of the platform are the project participants like you.

After you earn 3600% of your initial investment, your earnings will be stopped until you make more deposits. This restriction is placed to protect and make system sustainable. You can make more deposits to start earning more.

TronAdz is a smart contract and there is no way it can generate money, but we have added a surfing pool and many advertising services which will add more revenue and reserve to the smart contract.

We’d appreciate if our members surf 10 ads daily in our traffic exchange in order to earn 0.20% extra per day. We offer this extra profit to show appreciation to our members for watching ads daily. Otherwise, you can still earn 1% per day without surfing ads.

The website is only the front-end, which just shows data from the Tron blockchain. All the funds always stay in a smart contract and it does not need this website to operator or remain functional. Smart contract will always keep paying according to the set parameters.

You can ask questions directly to the participants who have already gained experience and are ready to share their experiences and successes. This can be done in the Telegram chatroom